*~ Kitter Kat ~* (bottledtime) wrote in la_poets,
*~ Kitter Kat ~*

There is a silence. A stillness. And it screams louder than anything than I have ever heard in my life before.

It echoes in the vastness of my mind, which like the silence, like the stillness, has come to a screeching, blinding halt.

For there is nothing, nothing here, nothing there, only time ticking by silently. Endlessly.

I could say that it is there, I could say that it is not, but it is silent, still and endless, and I can neither prove nor disprove that it exists. All I can prove is my listless existence in the darkness screaming in the nothingness screams that make no sound as I spin around and around and around and around.

And still there is nothing. Only silence. Only stillness. And still it screams louder and louder than anything ever before.

And yet I am not lost, I am found.

Mercilessly cross posted.

Bright the day.

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