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A little something something...

Everything disappears. Love.. trees.. rocks..steel.. plastic.... human beings. Now you can huddle in a group and try to take it one step at a time, or you can be grateful that when your body rubs up against someone else's, it explodes with enough pleasure to forget, even for a minute, that you're a walking pile of ashes. Now that's the truth. If you're strong it'll make you free. If you're weak it'll make you.... you.
-Dr. Christian Troy-

~*~Anticipating Paradiso~*~

The sun emerges into your room like a triumphant wave of joy
the herald of a new dawn, a new day
filled with a myriad of possibilities, an endless supply of maybes
when your heart is set on One and One alone.
You get to see him tonight.

You smile at your pillow and imagine his chest there
eagerly waiting your touch,
you take in the aroma of your hair scented like strawberry,
you imagine it musk, his own,
it makes you smile.
You wriggle under your sheets anticipating the smooth caress
of his hands as the sheets glide about your legs,
you get up gasping for breath,
it's going to be a sweet day.

You look out your window to greet the day,
so busy it seems outside,
lives going to and fro from their appointed places
to their work, their school, their homes.
You are going to your love,
and you have the whole day to make ready for him,
the day is not long enough.

You begin with the daily morning ritual of stretching out
as if to prepare for some greater trial
of strength and endurance that will no doubt test you later on
let it come, let it be.
You smile at the thought.
Have you fallen so very quickly?
You begin to check your enthusiasm,
you don't want to fall so deeply,
you've been hurt before all too often in the name of Love.
You decide to forget the fear and doubt,
you decide to wash it all away in a warm bath
filled with scented soaps and candlelight
setting up the feast before the appetite is even there.
Clean, soft, and pure at last.

You emerge like Aphrodite from the foam of your bathtub,
naked as you entered in this world,
but so much more grown into a thing of beauty,
He's a lucky fool, you mutter in your mind,
and truly such a worthy temple for a soul that's just as beautiful.
You want him to come to pray tonight,
you want him to turn on your candlelight,
you want him to sing your praises
as he worships every inch of you as a holy pilgrim should.
He's such a lucky fool.

Yet lest pride set in, and turn all that is fair foul, sweet to sour
you then see on your mantlepiece
the flowers that he sent you
He loves you you tell yourself and then your heart takes flight
you spin around in your damp towels
flying in the clouds of your desire.
You are the lucky fool.
But that doesn't mean that tonight you will not howl at the moon
and like the wolf that seeks its prey
you know where to land your bite
your many charms will serve you to make sure that he
will be for none save you.
You both are lucky fools.

You then begin the difficult task of
determining what you will adorn your body with
you open the closet
nothing seems right for the occasion
this one is too flashy
this one to frumpy
this one accentuates this too much
that one does not flatter that
you decide on class on the go
that is an elegant dress that can come off in a jiff.
You giggle at the thought of this.
It has been so long since you have seen him
but then again hours seem like days
while days delve into eternity.

You pick all other things needed for the night
your coat, your purse,
your shoes, your scent
your earings, your bracelet,
and maybe tonight
a Ring.
You sigh a silent prayer
and pray that God's not deaf.
You drink your tea and bite your toast
you dare not spoil your appetite
besides you have an entire day ahead of you
to hunger for the man
whose paradise you anticipate
you crave
You take on look at the bed
and bid a sweet adieu
and with a slight kick in your step
you head for your tete-a-tete
this most erotic rendezvous.

Note- I composed this a while back when I was seeing this beautiful girl, that on a momentous occasion let it slip (well I asked her to describe to me) the many rituals she performed to prepare herself for me. Why? I am very auditory, nuff said. I returned the favor in kind, with kisses.


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